Zespół Szkolno Przedszkolny
w Rożnowicach

38-323 Rożnowice
woj. małopolskie
tel/faks: 0(xx)13 4476116

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Rożnowice (Rosemberg until 1945) – a village in Małopolska, administrative district Gorlice, commune Biecz. Originally there was a German town Rozembark located here. Rożnowice was funded in the first half of 14th century in area of village "Niemścino", which came into being probably in 13th or 14th century and belonged to bishopric of Krakow. During that time German settlers acted here energetically, having had many royal privileges. Today remains of their activity can be recognized by numerous native Rożnowice and neighbouring villages occupants' surnames, e.g. Duran, Firszt, Olbrych and many others. In the village there are several old interesting wayside shrines, figurines and crosses, which come from 18th and 19th century. To other significant relics belong: former defensive manor (called Lamus), military cemetery No. 112 of the First World War. There lie 22 soldiers of German army, 71 of Austro-Hungarian army, 157 of Russian army, who all died in May of 1915 in the Battle of Gorlice. The most important relic of Rożnowice is a parish church of Saint Andrew from 18th century. It is an example of solutions that were derived from architecture of baroque and transferred onto wood. This church belongs to the most valuable wooden sacred objects in Małopolska. On 2nd August 1992 church tower was hit by lightning and burned. The church is still awaiting refurbishment. After the Second World War the name Rozembark was changed into Rożnowice. Nowadays the village possesses about 400 homesteads and 1700 inhabitants (according to data from 2006). There are post office, elementary school, secondary school as well as fireman's depot.